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I grew up in Rappahannock. The Fourth of July celebrations in Little Washington are some of my best held memories. The town would close the streets, vendors would set up and the whole town would be packed. By 3 p.m. I would have eaten more funnel cakes, hotdogs and sodas than the rest of the year combined. Mobs of us kids would take to the streets on our bikes until we were too exhausted to pedal. 

At sundown folks would gather around the pond at Avon Hall and as evening fell the fireworks would begin. You could see the explosions in the sky and in reflections across the pond. Lying in bed that night, I would fall asleep to the nightly chorus of tree frogs and insects, and the brilliant memory of bursting color. Year after year, it was the summer tradition and it was truly a community party. 

In a strong community certain things hold true. Rappahannock has a sense of togetherness that persists through time. There is a proud tradition here of helping your neighbor, coming together in celebration and of helping those in need. These unifying acts create a community whose sum is greater than its parts. Rappahannock brings people together and in doing so allows us to protect and maintain this incomparable, beautiful county.

My wife and I envision for our three children the same chance at growing up the way I did, part of a large community, full of life, family, friends and surrounded by natural beauty. Every day is a gift and a chance to live life to its fullest potential. I cannot envision a better place and community than the one I call home: Rappahannock. 

Van Carney


The writer is running for Rappahannock County Board of Supervisors


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