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To continue the story of a native fox family here in our treasured Rappahannock County (“Will preserving the viewshed lead to their demise? Rappahannock News,” Jan. 30 and “Hope illuminates the big picture,” Feb. 25), I must now include Lady Samantha Fox who has been minding the kits while cousins Sir William and Lady Daisy Fox are on holiday elsewhere.

"Goodness me," Lady Samantha declares while poised atop a favorite ancient rock wall. This place has changed somewhat since I last visited. My wonderful guest den has vanished because that old house was demolished … and that apple orchard yonder is gone, too! Nothing has come to replace them yet. What a pity.

Then, imagine my dismay when I read the latest Rappahannock News. The horrors of yet another joining the ranks of Mr. Ron Maxwell, acclaimed producer of historical films, yes, agreed, who has heralded (“Akre's Trojan Horse,” June 3) the greedy developers massed at our county borders, ready to destroy our paradise, slaughtered amidst snarling bulldozers. 

Then comes Mr. Brian Czech (“Culpeper Creep: You can have it,” July 22) with his warning about the approaching demise, the loss of, what he titles the 'steady state economy' here. 

Well, Lady Samantha continues, "Steady state connotes balance and we certainly do not have that here as we used to. Folks remember a vibrancy of families, job opportunities long gone, houses as those I remember from while back. The population has diminished along with children in schools here. Rare are the youngsters who stay and volunteer for critical fire and rescue. No longer is it OK for us to relay our fox messages to warn of danger. There is broadband and cell service in the Virginia county where I live and I truly hope my cousins here will have that important safety and school study service for their humans here.

“And rather than going on the wild goose fantasy chase of footprints all over our planet, as Mr. Czech suggests, why not follow the 'Bloom where you are planted' to address the myriad of lost families, jobs, and homes here? Loudoun County never had the land and zoning protections put in place decades ago by wise citizens here. Why not thrive, flourish, as the creative Rappahannockers have done for the decades we foxes have lived here, and restore the balance needed?" concludes Lady Samantha as she leaps gracefully into the fields and disappears into a freshly constructed den.

Sheila Gresinger



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