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It certainly is a wonderful life — especially if one is lucky enough to live in the idyllic world of Rappahannock County.

I recently had surgery and cannot do much for myself (cook, drive, shop, etc.).  The outpouring of love I received from people in this community has been overwhelming!

Day after day, beautifully prepared, extra delicious meals were delivered. Stunning bouquets of flowers adorned my room. Someone retrieved my mail from the post office, religiously. Lovely, heart-warming, and inspiring notes came via text, e-mail, and snail mail. My apartment and my plants were looked after. 

And, of course, last but absolutely not least, the undying love of my children and my extended family.

I am humbled and blessed way beyond measure.

Sending out so much love and gratitude to my very Dear Friends — you know who you are, and you’re fabulous!

Emily Moore


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