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What has changed in the last three and a half years in the USA? 

During the Obama/Biden administration were our people fighting each other in the streets?

During the Obama/Biden administration had we lost 190,000 lives and counting to a virus because our president lied to us about its danger, failed to provide necessary protective equipment and rapid tests and tracing, and actively discouraged us from following the guidance of the health experts?

Had our farmers lost 16 billion dollars because our president started a trade war (16 billion dollars that we taxpayers are now having to give to those farmers to make them whole)?

Had America's reputation among other free countries tanked because our president was ill informed, ill mannered and an untrustworthy partner? 

Had our nation's economy collapsed with unemployment skyrocketing?

Had Obama/Biden lied to us multiple times a day?

Trump is trying to scare us into voting for him by describing the THINGS THAT ARE HAPPENING RIGHT HERE/RIGHT NOW under the Trump/Pence administration and telling us that is what will happen under Biden.

Fox News (owned by foreigners) and commentators (making tons of money) are helping Trump pull the wool over your eyes. Don't believe their lies.

Fooled you twice. Shame on you, because you will have lost our democracy to a lying, thieving, adulterous, misogynistic draft dodger.

Nancy Hoadley 



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