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Dear Congressman Good,

I, with the rest of the world, watched with horror last Wednesday as the United States Capitol Building, a temple to democracy, was breached by a seditious, violent mob. The sight of Americans brandishing clubs and weapons, not only to desecrate this shrine to freedom, but to recall the free, fair, and state-certified votes of their fellow Americans was appalling. 

Thankfully, elected leaders appeared to grow wiser during their time in secured lockdown, recognizing that the democratic processes of our nation were at stake. For once, they seemed almost unified against the divisive speech, fear mongering, and false claims of election fraud that incited such violence. The time for political games were over. 

You, unfortunately, did not have the bravery or wisdom to recognize the same, and voted to cast into doubt the certified votes of thousands of Americans, votes, keep in mind, that were subjected to state court appeals and recounts.

Further, your recent comments on Twitter and reported by the Rappahannock News continues the outgoing President's call for violence, suggesting that we should "battle and fight" further to overturn the votes of Americans. Haven't we had enough violence for one week?

Your actions are both distressing and dangerous. They contribute to a weakening of the democratic structures which hold our government and society together. They sow unfounded doubt in the legitimacy of our elected leaders and electoral processes. These kinds of actions have inspired radical and violent uprisings among individuals who believe such falsehoods. Your Twitter comments perpetuate lies about a "invalid election" and foment the kind of seditious acts we saw last Wednesday. In short, you are causing grave harm to this country by your obstinate, proud, and irresponsible actions in Congress.

You are correct when you say that the "buck stops with you." Your shameless vote and continued pride in a spineless vote stops with you. You owe the people of Virginia and the Fifth District an apology for putting yourself and your allegiance to President Trump ahead of justice and fair process. You ought to take responsibility for continuing this misinformation and perpetuating a dangerous, rhetorical charade that paints you and your conspirators as patriots while disenfranchising thousands of voters. And, while disavowing President Trump publicly, you should further state, without equivocation, that there has been no widespread election fraud and that Joe Biden is the duly elected president-elect. Finally, if articles of impeachment are brought to the floor of the House, you should recall your oath to protect the 14th Amendment to the Constitution, remembering that no person shall hold any office in the United States who has "engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or give aid or comfort to the enemies thereof" and vote to impeach President Trump who incited a violent mob to overturn the votes of Americans.

If these suggestions seem like impossibilities to you, you should also consider resigning from the United States Congress, as you clearly do not have the rights and interests of Americans at heart.


David Pennington

Washington, Virginia

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