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Audrey [Regnery, “More political sign vandalism,” Letter to the Editor, Oct. 8], we do not agree on a lot politically. But this we can agree on: defacing or destroying political signs is to be condemned. I also trust you will join me and other Democrats in condemning the behavior of Trump supporters who I assume destroyed many of our Biden/Harris, Warner and Webb signs. I use the word “assume” to suggest that neither of us has direct proof of our claims.

However, it is possible to challenge our own assumptions and imagine that Trump supporters defaced your sign in order to cast partisan anger toward the BLM [Black Lives Matter] movement. Similarly, my reaction to seeing our signs destroyed and defaced for supporting Biden and Harris, Senator Warren, and Dr. Cameron Webb, is that Trump supporters did it. Highly likely, yes, but no proof.

Finally, your denunciation of Mr. Biden and Ms. Harris based on your presumption that they don’t condemn those “tactics” is blatantly false. They have clearly condemned the destruction and defacing of any property during peaceful protests which are protected by our constitution. I hope that challenging you and your Republican associates on this distortion will help Independents and the many disgruntled Republicans and conservatives to vote for Biden/Harris, Warner and Dr. Webb on November 3.

Ralph Bates


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