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Thank you, Piedmont voters, for reelecting me to serve on the Rappahannock County School Board! I am humbled and honored to have earned your support and am glad to continue to serve on the Board for you and the kids of our community. 

I enjoyed greeting the many people headed into the Sperryville Fire Hall to vote on Tuesday, seeing democracy in action. It was great to visit with all the candidates, including my gracious opponent, during our hours at the polls. It renewed my pride in being part of this community we all love.         

I am tremendously grateful to the many people who helped me navigate an unexpectedly challenging time. You contributed valuable resources, information, empathy, hard work, and good humor during the past three months. The support of my husband and family has been tremendous. Relationships, new and old, will be lasting. I have treasured each conversation and message.  

As your representative, I will continue to listen to community concerns and ideas, whether privately or publicly expressed. Please don’t hesitate to reach out.  

Hopefully, we will soon be putting the COVID-19 pandemic behind us. We have seen that following public health experts’ guidance and using the data, tools, and scientific knowledge available is working to keep students and staff well and in school. It is wonderful to see the careful return of events in the community, an indication that we are returning to a new normal.

Of course, there will be challenges beyond the Pandemic, and I pledge to act to the best of my ability with honesty and compassion, and based on the best available information. I look forward to working another four years with our stellar superintendent, Dr. Shannon Grimsley, and my esteemed colleagues on the School Board. There are lots of useful projects to be undertaken and great people and ideas in our school community. Together, we can create a safe, fun and caring school community that provides a rich, engaging and effective learning environment for everyone.  

Rachel Bynum



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