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The residents of the Stonewall-Hawthorn District have a clear voice when it comes to electing a successor to Supervisor Chris Parrish. On one hand, one candidate has a documented history of ugly public exposition, and representing clients in litigation costing tax dollars. On the other, there is a candidate who has not used bully tactics nor personal attacks to express his values. 

He has established a viable business that draws visitors and locals alike, thereby contributing to our tax revenues and promoting tourism from which the county reaps considerable financial benefits. With a life long commitment to Rappahannock County, our schools and most importantly, setting an example of personal integrity and open minded fairness toward all, I believe the comparisons between candidates is obvious. My wife and I will cast our ballots for Van Carney and hope he will become a much needed voice of reason on our next Board of Supervisors.

Burnett and Sandy Trueworthy



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