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How does focusing on “injustices, oppression, and suppression endured by Black people . . . since 1619,” as stated by Nan Butler Roberts in last week’s Rappahannock News, offer any hope especially to young people as they chart life’s direction?

That seems to be a cautionary tale at best, listings of bewares instead of how to’s and inspirational examples. 

Education is important. Read about Dr. Carter Woodson, called the father of Black history, H. V. Traywick’s Free Black Slave Owners, and Accomplished: African American Women in Victorian America (noting over 100 women in that time). There’s Underground Railroader Harriet Tubman, early space age Hidden Figures, and Wes Moore, CEO of Robin Hood Foundation actively targeting New York City poverty.

We need to acknowledge our vast accomplishments here. Learn total history, not specifics to the exclusion of others. Working together we can accomplish a better America, acting for education, jobs, family, health. Choose hope.

Sheila Gresinger


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