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Christine Smith deserves reelection as Piedmont representative to the Board of Supervisors. Some people who did not know Christine very well in 2017 may have had questions about her qualifications for the job. No one who has watched her perform her duties over the past four years could have any doubts any more.

After two years on the Board, she was elected Chair which shows what her colleagues thought of her abilities. She served on the Planning Commission, and was instrumental in getting the Comprehensive Plan updated.

She represents her constituents diligently. She is always prepared for meetings and educates herself on any issues that are coming before the board. She is polite and courteous to everyone. She is the epitome of the old adage “we can disagree without being disagreeable.”

“Proven Leadership” is not just a campaign slogan for Christine Smith. It is a fact. I hope every registered voter will support Christine on Nov. 2 so she can continue to work for us.

Danielle Junk


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