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I live in the Piedmont District, and I will be enthusiastically voting to re-elect Christine Smith as my representative on the Board of Supervisors. I hope you will, too. In a time when we have been thrown a lot of curveballs with COVID-19, Christine has led the county through tough situations.

My family lives near the trailhead of Little Devil Stairs. At the beginning of the pandemic, because the Shenandoah National Park fees were waived, my narrow back road was inundated with hikers and tourists. We all remember what the scenes were over in Madison County around Old Rag! Public roads were like parking lots.

Smith worked hard with her board, local law enforcement, and park officials to ensure that local roads stayed passable and safe. She made sure folks could get home, and that fire and rescue could get through if we had an emergency. I really appreciate that.

Smith also helped with a Verizon outage on my road this summer. Eight homes were without landline service, which is a necessity. Back where we are, there’s no cell signal to rely on. Smith helped track down the trouble ticket and used the county’s established Verizon contacts to get the repair made quickly.

When you find someone that will stand up for you, and really help when they can, re-elect her. Re-elect Smith to represent Piedmont District on the Board of Supervisors. Early in-person voting starts at the registrar’s office by the county courthouse on Sept. 17 and Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 2.

Karen Pullen



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