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As I observe the “news” (even Fox) I am struck by the number of people who can read minds these days.  

Most specifically, every Democrat claims to know exactly what evil impulse motivates President Trump’s every action. Between being impeached on frivolous charges, Trump was taking efforts such as travel bans to contain COVID-19 while Biden criticized his “xenophobia,” and Biden now claims to know that Trump “deliberately” and “selfishly” refused to take more (unspecified) actions and is personally to blame for each US death. 

[New York Mayor Bill] DeBlasio and [New York Governor Andrew] Cuomo were telling us how great New York medicine was despite their defunding it, and we should all go downtown and party to spit in Trump’s eye.  

Now, Trump only refrained from more (unspecified, not including launching US PPE and ventilator manufacture) action for personal motives. 

Look at any criticism of Trump: highlight the ad hominem attacks requiring insight into mental processes the authors do not have, and be amazed.

Robert Klaus


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