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What a mess we are, what a mess we have become.

Many students, many teachers, few masters common sense.

What is that?

As the New Year starts.

I have seen and heard of many gatherings and know there are still many not wearing a mask when needed, putting themselves and others at risk.

It’s like riding a horse in the middle of the road. If you want to get hit, respect the horse enough to get off it so the horse can decide for itself. For they are smarter than their riders.

If you haven’t had COVID you are blessed! If you have had it and made it through you are very lucky.

For there are still so many dying of all ages.

So for you out there with little common sense and think you are exempt.

Next time it could be you!

No man is an island unto himself.

I dedicated this to my best friend in a Florida hospital. So let us all be grateful.

Prayers to you, Deborah!

Carolyn Beahm


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