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As last summer fades in your memory, I hope you will remember the amazing strength of our community and what actually happened here in Rappahannock County. I work for a foundation that supports four counties with many services, and recently while I was on a state-wide call with many other funders and organizations, I heard several accounts of communities struggling to agree and their difficulties in creating opportunities for those most in need, particularly when the school year ended in 2021.

That did not happen in Rappahannock County.  

After a very strange year of Covid restrictions, virtual learning, workforce changing and social isolation, we were aware that in Rappahannock many families were stressed and stretched beyond their means and that our children needed safe opportunities to grow, expand, have fun and just be kids. 

Here is what happened: The Fauquier/Rappahannock Mental Health Association, 4-H,  Rappahannock County Public Schools, the Rappahannock County Park Foundation, the Virginia Department of Social Services, Rappahannock Association for Arts and Community, Headwaters Foundation, Child Care & Learning Center, Verdun, our churches, the PATH Foundation, Northern Piedmont Community Foundation, local teachers, artists, musicians and citizens all put their heads together and quickly mobilized a summer of enrichment activities, camps, workshops, field trips and adventures that engaged and delighted children young and old.

Activities were free and buses were available to transport children. High praise to all these groups who worked side by side in record time to quietly provide the very best for our counties’ youth. BRAVO! Well done.

Jane Bowling-Wilson 


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