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Terry Dixon’s September 17th op-ed is an insult to the readers of Rappahannock News. Its center is a series of wild claims backed by no evidence whatsoever: “Biden and his team have swung left past liberalism and progressivism.” Based on what statement or policy? 

Choosing Democrats would bring “chaos, fear, impossible economic proposals, and government intrusion into virtually all aspects of life.” This is unsupported, undisguised fearmongering.

The introduction to this evidence-free propaganda promises to focus on “the dramatic differences between the candidates, and the fundamental change in America’s culture — our lives — that hangs in the balance.” But there follows no comparison of candidates or policies, only baseless and fanciful attacks on Biden and Democrats.

This (literally) one-sided comparison is brought to a close with “... we will rise again to resolve the challenges we face today. Only if we vote for liberty. The alternative choice presented by Biden/Webb/Warner is both unprecedented and unacceptable. Choose wisely — and vote for freedom.” But no real choice, no actual description of alternatives, has been presented.

Those in power must resort to this distraction because they have little to show beyond a record of corruption, catastrophe, and fatal incompetence.

Gary Grossman


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