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I find it puzzling that seemingly with each lawsuit involving the county or town government on the one hand and attorney David Konick on the other that you blame Konick and assign to him responsibility for the financial obligations borne by county or town residents. (See, for example, "Rapp taxpayers footing the bill in Bragg lawsuit," Sept. 17, front page.)

I have not followed "Bragg" closely, but if Judge Parker is ordering the county to pay Konick anything, Bragg must have prevailed at least in part. That being the case, the blame for county residents having to pay is on the defenders in the case, namely members of the Board of Supervisors who erred (not the first time), but who, like you, put the blame on Konick. 

Seems to me this is a situation where government officials, perhaps led by incompetent counsel, repeatedly violate the law, and a local attorney takes the time and makes the effort to corral them — and does this for a pittance. He should be lauded as a hero, not repeatedly blamed for the inconvenience suffered by government officials who are willing to spend citizens' money to salvage their reputations rather than admit mistakes and take care not to repeat them.

James C. Miller III


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