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Next Wednesday, July 7, the Board of Supervisors will consider an application to rezone a 35-acre farm on Woodward Road near Sperryville to two-acre lots so as to allow 13 new houses.

Affordable housing is mentioned and tugs at the heartstrings, but the applicant makes no promise that affordable housing will be built. Without a promise, it is just a buzzword.

The Virginia Department of Transportation says on average 13 houses will generate 130 additional daily traffic trips. Traffic is already a dangerous and chaotic issue in Sperryville; what then? Just because this farm is near the village does not mean that particular location is suitable for development.

Precedence is of utmost importance. It is precedent setting to create smaller lots just because a farm is near a village. County statistics show that there are already 75 undeveloped lots of two acres or less near Sperryville. Why do we need more two-acre lots?

The applicant estimates additional tax revenues of $33,215 annually. It costs $11,459 to send one student to school. If you make the calculation, the projected revenue will hardly cover costs for three students. If more houses bring more students, the revenue will not come close to covering additional student costs, not to mention increased costs for trash, emergency services, law enforcement, sewer and the like. Approving this application would be precedent setting; it could happen near any village in the county. 

Every resident, whether near a village or not, should be concerned and express it to the supervisors.

Charles A and Barbara Sisk; Bobette Swindler; and Diane Bruce



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