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In his interview in the Sept. 30 edition of Rappahannock News, Del. Michael Webert stated that expanding healthcare programs including Medicare and Medicaid would “bankrupt” the commonwealth.  

It’s distressing to see that someone who actually voted against Medicaid expansion understands the programs so poorly. Medicare is a purely federal program; and does not affect the state budget. Medicaid expansion actually saves the state money. With traditional Medicaid, the federal government pays 50%, but with expanded Medicaid it pays 90%.  

In addition, expanded Medicaid can cover prison health care and mental health and results in reduced uncompensated care. In 2020, Virginia amended its budget to include savings of $211.7 million for healthcare. And don’t forget, access to health care saves money in the long term.

This November let’s make sure we have a delegate who actually understands the issues he’s voting on. 

Douglas Ward



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