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At the June 17th meeting of the Planning Commission, three of the Commissioners (myself included, as well as the Vice Chair of the Commission) were blocked by the remaining Commissioners from participating electronically in the meeting, despite the fact that just the previous week the Planning Commission had successfully conducted a similar combined in-person/online meeting in light of the ongoing COVID pandemic.

This denied to the Board of Supervisors, the Board of Zoning Appeals, the public, and the applicants the views, advice and recommendations of 3 out of 7 Commissioners.

In this atmosphere, Garrey Curry, our County Administrator, resigned yesterday as the Freedom of Information Act Officer for the Planning Commission. This is a tragedy, as Mr. Curry brings nothing but integrity and professionalism to these proceedings, and his experience and objectivity are critical to maintaining the ethical and legal standards of the Planning Commission.

I am particularly disturbed by the escalation this week of time-wasting tactics bafflingly unrelated to the mission of this important body. That Mr. Curry has felt the need to resign especially concerns me, and I believe we on the Planning Commission, and if necessary the Board of Supervisors, should take the necessary steps to address the issues he raises.

Mary Katherine Ishee


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