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We elect people to office expecting abeyance to the Constitution and common sense actions. As such, school board members have some measure of autonomy in working with the state government.

At the recent school board meeting, many persons from the audience chose to speak. Only one person spoke in favor of masking students. Some attendees have careers in medic and/or science. Several stated that masking young people is physically and mental abusive.

Board members made it very clear that they would follow whatever mandate came out of Richmond, near giddy that they would not be the responsible party.

Bedford, Campbell, and Fauquier county boards voted to reject state mandates relating to the virus. The state will not attempt, in any way, to punish these counties. To do so would grow the GOP and would be the major talking point in politics for the years to come.

We expect our elected board members to be something more than lap dogs for the state.

Roy Ellis



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