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With chaos swirling around a lot, here’s a thought to lighten up a bit: nap times as an ultimate treat. 

Think I remember President John F. Kennedy being reported as taking quick power naps of short duration as a restorative measure. How about you? 

As a child, my dear Mother had challenges getting me to nap, as I would escape out the door. Told not that door, I chose the back door. When that was forbidden, I chose the side door. When told no door, stacked table, chair, stool to climb out basement window. Finally understanding my desire to be outdoors, my Mother rigged a hammock so I contentedly napped amidst quiet chirping birds, leaves rustling. 

When one of my children resisted naps, I happened upon an hourglass in a shop. Next day, I ignored the bedroom, leading Michael to the sofa and showed him the hourglass, explaining that he could get up when sand at the bottom. Some days, he’d watch the sand til the end. Other days, he’d drift off and upon waking would see sand at bottom. Restful time creatively achieved. 

Both instances are examples of Win/Win. What memories do you have of nap times? When warm enough, I still have a hammock. Here in Rappahannock, gazing on evening stars from my hammock an additional delight.

Sheila Gresinger


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