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 What a stark contrast between two writers in last week’s Rappahannock News. 

Thoughts danced across the pages as joyful poetry by the immeasurable words of Ted Pellegratta who’s chosen to enrich our lives as refreshingly as the cool lemonade that quenches our thirst on these sweltering summer days. The tone took on a rather dire hue when David Floyd Stephens’ old man (“The New Yankees: A Poem about Place,” Aug. 12) reminisced of a past here, ending in imagined vanities by the old mill. 

Not to make light of, or dishonor, the history and death that lies embraced by the earth here, but I’d rather envision a better circle of life with its ever changing new beginnings. In this case, the tale spun a while ago of the fawn who grows and matures in his vast forests and open fields through the years to become the leader of his wildland fellow inhabitants. 

Compare this to a human leader eager to share his wisdom and earned bounty to benefit any and all who understand his vision to enhance the foundational beauty of our beloved Rappahannock. How? By creating a small grouping of architecturally pleasing buildings, well researched to fill the needs of many in our community, and designed to blend into our environment.

Bravo to the many who strive, work, and volunteer here to continue to make this place the sparkling multi-faceted jewel most of us who live here and those visiting enjoy and appreciate each day.

Sheila Gresinger



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