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A few days ago I was taking care of some office work when I focused on a “dinosaur” of an “all in one” printer, scanner, fax and copy machine taking up space. It had been some time since it was used, having been replaced by a scanner app and a small bluetooth printer.

I called Flatwood and was informed electronic recycling was not available and sadly it would go into landfill.

I didn’t want our e-waste to go to landfill; in addition to taking up space, e-waste has toxins like mercury and lead that should be disposed of safely. Recycled electronics are taken apart and repurposed appropriately to the point of the plastic being shredded and sold to companies for making other products.

I discovered Best Buy is among the largest e-waste recyclers. After communicating with the one in Gainesville, I was told no limit on the number of items I could bring in although their website said a limit of three items per day.

We gathered our old computers, phones, iPads, recording equipment and yet another copy machine...all long forgotten.

When I dropped the items off at the Gainesville Best Buy, they couldn’t have been more gracious. It felt great on two levels; spring cleaning of electronics and keeping it out of landfill!

Nedra Smith


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