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I am writing to urge my fellow Stonewall-Hawthorne citizens to support Larry Grove and Van Carney in their respective campaigns to be our elected representatives on the School Board and the Board of Supervisors.

Larry Grove is a veteran school board member who has served our community and our schools faithfully for years.  In addition to his outstanding service to our schools, all of which I witnessed first hand, Larry is a steadfast member of the Sperryville Rescue Squad and the Rappahannock County Lion’s Club, setting an example for “giving back” that inspires and benefits us all. While others may say that “new blood” might be of benefit to our School Board, I would maintain that keeping someone who so obviously bleeds blue and gold would be in our community’s best interests.

Van Carney is a successful local businessman with deep local roots who has solved a problem that has stymied many of our county’s young adults. Van was raised in this county and then figured out a way to remain here AND make a living and support his family. Van is dedicated to preserving the Rappahannock of his, and my, youth while also ensuring that today’s youth have a viable future here if they want it. If you would like our county to retain its scenic qualities while also providing living opportunities for the next generation, as I do, then Van is the clear choice to represent us on the Board of Supervisors.

Individual qualifications aside, this election provides us with a stark choice. On the one side we appear to have candidates who would divide us, whether by lawsuits, raising false alarms about non-existent crises in our schools, or publicly using derogatory terms which only serve to hurt and spread ill feeling. On the other side, Larry and Van’s side, we have candidates who have demonstrated a lifelong commitment to the continued success of our county and who are dedicated to serving ALL of us.

For all these reasons and more, I hope you will join me in supporting Larry Grove and Van Carney in the coming election.

Jimmy Swindler

Laurel Mills


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