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Several weeks ago I wrote in to the paper to address the needs of our village due to the increase of traffic, speed and aggression on our roads for the last 10 years. I made a plea to the community to uphold the virtues of compassion and empathy in our ever changing world; to slow down and to be more considerate of our neighbors. I wrote this in grief of the loss of my dog due to the lack of traffic calming measures in our village.

I write in again today to share my gratitude and give thanks for my community. Susan and I received dozens of emails, phone calls, texts, comments, hand written letters and cards, all with sincere and heartfelt condolences and kindness. It soothes our aching hearts to know that love does abound here, that our families, friends and neighbors have been so kind. Thank you to those sweet people out there who don’t know us, yet felt compelled to write us a card or a letter. Hope is intact and Rappahannock is still my favorite place in the world.

I’d like to make a special mention and thanks to John McCaslin for the opportunity to reach out to this county through the Rappahannock News.

Thank you, Sheriff Connie Compton, for taking my call, having a productive conversation with me and directing more speed enforcement in and around Sperryville. It is the only real remedy that we have while the Sperryville Alliance committee collects traffic data to bring forth to the state and VDOT with our proposal.

Stay healthy and happy ya’ll.

Gordon Wicks


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