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I have just sent the following text (in an email) to each member of the Board of Supervisors:

Supervisor Ron Frazier has my full support. Given that, it should surprise no one that I oppose any and all efforts to censure him in any way. 

Do you have any evidence that Mr. Frazier went to Washington to sack the Capitol? Or to support those miscreants who did? Or even that he had any idea that some nuts in the crowd would actually resort to violence? 

Mr. Frazier went to Washington to support President Trump and his right to be heard on Capitol Hill. Do you not think he had that right? Do you realize that Rappahannock County — most especially Mr. Frazier's district — voted for Trump over Biden? 

For anyone to propose censuring Mr. Frazier is a case of bad judgement. But for the Board of Supervisors to consider such a resolution in a public meeting is not only a failure to recognize a citizen's constitutional rights, but evidence that the County's truly pressing needs are not receiving the attention they deserve.

Jim Miller


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