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I want to say a few things about my friend Art Goff. I have known him for more than a decade, and he is a good father, a good husband, and a damned good lawyer. 

Art and I disagree on the issue of the statues of confederate soldiers, and over the confederate battle flag. He expressed his feelings pretty strongly on his Facebook account not too long ago, and I would not have done that. But I know we totally agree that we are both patriots, and we want the best for America. 

In my entire experience with Art, I can say that he has never expressed a single thought, or taken a single action, in his job as Commonwealth’s Attorney, that would show that he has any latent or active feelings of racism. He has always treated the defendants, witnesses, law enforcement officers, and court personnel with equal respect and equal treatment. 

I know it is difficult for some people who feel strongly about the statues and the battle flag, to believe that a person who expresses the opinions which Art Goff made, does not harbor prejudice toward people of color. But I can state without equivocation that Art is one of those people who revere the southern culture and yes, the confederate generals, and yet does not yearn for a return to slavery or for unequal treatment of people of color. I know him . . . he is a good man. 

Frank Reynolds


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