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Seth Heald deserves your vote for the Rappahannock Electric Cooperative (REC) Board this summer. Seth has been an REC member-owner for 12 years and is also a co-founder of Repower REC (RepowerREC.com), a grassroots advocacy group seeking to improve our electrical cooperative through strong, independent board leadership.

Seth successfully advocated for the accelerated return of capital credits this year, helping to lower your June REC electric bill. At REC, board members set their own pay, up to $48,000 per year. That’s too much for a part-time position and shouldn’t be seen as a life-time opportunity. If elected, Seth will work to reduce board pay by 25 percent and he won’t accept 25 percent of his compensation until board pay is reduced. 

Last August REC said it would not install the “last mile” of broadband internet to members’ homes. Other electric co-ops around the country have been doing that for some time, and REC should be too. Broadband is more essential than ever, and Seth will work to get REC “up to speed” on this important issue. 

Seth will also work to implement innovative efficiency programs that will help all REC members lower their bills. Other electric co-ops already do this, and an Arkansas co-op even helps its members pay for rooftop solar, which can reduce power costs for all co-op members.

We need accessible board members to look out for our interests. Please join me in voting for Seth Heald in this year’s REC Board Election.  

Michael F. Murphy


Editor’s note: REC Board candidate Seth Heald lives on the Rappahannock and Culpeper counties’ line.

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