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All the hubbub regarding the bales of hay; I kind of got a kick out of them, and I'm for the other guy — but here's the thing: there are both county zoning rules and federal election rules. 

The county rules say no more than 50 square feet for signs — the Dems have followed that rule. The hay bales don't. 

Then there is the matter of the federal rules for federal elections, followed closely by the state for all elections: the needed authorization and the “paid for by” line. Again, hay bales, you fail as do most of the Farmers for Trump signs. 

Then comes three mailings from Mr. Good. All of them, again, not telling us what he is for but blatantly lying about Dr. Webb's positions on health care and defunding the police and filled with scare mongering. 

During the Zoom debate, reported on by the Rappahannock News, Mr. Good's talking points from the radical right were all corrected in “Zoom” person yet he has mailed them out to the Fifth District. And, I did note in the RappNews that he had nothing to say on COVID, nor has he explained what a biblical conservative is — although he says he is running as one.

Honesty and the rules. Important to live by. I am voting for Dr. Webb, who tells us where he stands. 

Judy DeSarno



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