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I thoroughly enjoyed Daphne Hutchinson’s piece on Mary Quaintance — first in the print edition. However there are at least two important parts of Mrs. Quaintance’s contributions to life in Rappahannock left out. 

She was the Service Unit Chairman of the Girl Scouts in the county for several years — overseeing all the troops (and there were many more than than now as there were fewer activities for children, especially girls, then). This was in the years after her retirement as principal.

For years both before and after she was crucial to Trinity Episcopal Church’s House Tour and Dried Flower Sale, especially in recruiting docents for the houses. In those days (unlike more recent years) the houses were fully staffed. 

My theory is that it was because it was pretty much impossible to say “no” to Mary Quaintance when she asked you to do something because you knew how much she was doing.

Sharon Kilpatrick


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