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As unusual circumstances allowed for me this morning, I made a short trip to my local country store for breakfast and I picked up the newspaper to see if anything had changed for the better with a new editor. 

Wow, what a hit piece on David Konick. Nope, nothing's changed for the rag. So now we know that Konick is human, because he's made mistakes. We know he isn't a nice lawyer but one who scraps (seems to me that I would want the fighter representing me and hope the other guy has the nice lawyer). We also know that he has experience in the county government and knows zoning.  I've spoken to him enough and looked up regulations he's mentioned to realize that he does know his issues and I truly believe that he wants the best for this county and its citizens. He thinks, as I do, that the county regulations need to be applied to everyone fairly. He also believes in open and transparent government, which in today's world has been mostly reduced to an empty catchphrase at all levels of government.

Rappahannock is in a special place right now. It's "in" a special place because with one wrong move we will lose this county and all that makes it beautiful and become just another Culpeper or Loudoun. That day may come no matter what we do but that doesn't mean we shouldn't fight it and try to keep the county as something unique and special amid the sprawling urbanization.

As to what Carney believes, I have no idea. Unlike Konick, he's not made the rounds over here to talk to me about issues, but I look forward to, one would suppose, next week's article on Carney's past mistakes which I assume the paper will publish in (the editor's words) "considerations of fairness.” 

By the way, my short trip to the store this morning was delayed by heavy traffic Rappahannock style — a herd of deer and two eagles. Let's keep it that way and elect Konick. 

Steve Hensley



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