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I am writing in support of David Konick for Stonewall-Hawthorne District. Konick is very knowledgeable of Rappahannock County Zoning ordinances. He has experience by serving on the Zoning Appeals Board and the Planning Commission. He was instrumental in getting the Rappahannock County Comprehensive Plan revised and adopted in 2020. 

In addition to his work on county boards and commissions and as zoning administrator and building official in the 1980s, over the years Konick has helped the Fire & Rescue Association, the Washington Volunteer Fire Department (where he served as treasurer in the 1970s), and has served as legal counsel to the Amissville Volunteer Fire and Rescue Company (AVF&R) no cost to the company since 2004. 

Years ago, a local resident donated to AVF&R a piece of land that was created when Richmond Road near Estes was relocated, creating a non-conforming lot that nothing could not be built on because of minimum yard requirements. When the BZA denied AVF&R’s variance request in 2005, Konick appealed the decision to the Circuit Court and got the decision reversed at no charge to the company, enabling us to sell the lot for considerably more than it would have been worth as an unbuildable lot. 

In 2017, Konick helped us with revising the draft fire and rescue service agreement between the county, the Fire & Rescue Association, and the six volunteer fire companies and rescue squads. Among other things, his changes clarified the agreement so that all the volunteers would have immunity from negligence actions arising from emergency service calls, but that each company would continue to own its property and equipment. 

In 2020, Konick drafted the agreement between the county and the Amissville Volunteer Fire and Rescue Company for placing the pager alert system on the Amissville tower.  This benefitted both AVF&R and the emergency services communications system. The work Konick did for use saved us thousands of dollars in legal fees. 

Konick also acted as our counsel in obtaining the special exception permit for the replacement of the sign at the fire station, again at no cost or expense to AVF&R. 

This year, Konick helped his home company, Castleton Community Volunteer Fire Company, obtain a grant for $50,000 from a private foundation that is being used to purchase and install a high-pressure foam fire suppression system that will soon be in service. He wrote the grant request and got Castleton the money they needed. 

Konick has been the go-to guy for any help needed by the Amissville Fire and Rescue Company and the other volunteers in the County for years and years. He is always there when we need his legal advice, and he never has charged us a penny for his services. If elected, he will do the same thing for the county. 

Vote Konick Nov. 2.

Jack Atkins



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