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As former residents of Stonewall-Hawthorne District for over 30 years, we ask you to see David Konick through the eyes of what he has done and will do to Keep Rappahannock, Rappahannock!  He knows our ordinances inside and out, as he should — he helped create them.  Our ordinances are what have protected Rappahannock, without our land-use ordinances being kept up to date, Rappahannock will change and not for the better!   

As planning commission chairman, he got the needed 2020 Comprehensive Plan across the finish line and kept the planning commission moving through the tasks at hand. Important amendments to the zoning ordinance were also adopted, thanks mainly to Konick. I was and still am secretary of the planning commission, and I base my opinion on what I know because I was at the meetings and wrote the minutes.

As a Board of Zoning Appeals member, he knew the local laws and always voted in accordance with the zoning ordinance, by strictly applying the ordinance requirements, not based on his personal feelings or who the applicant was.  

As our personal attorney he got the job done quickly and professionally, and I must add that thanks to his representation, we settled the case out of court and got all our attorney’s fees reimbursed by the other side! So, to us, that says he doesn’t go to court, unless there’s no other alternative.

From these examples, you can see Konick’s leadership skills and his faithfulness to Rappahannock. As a Board of Supervisors member, Konick, would Keep Rappahannock, Rappahannock the place we all love and call home!

As former Stonewall Hawthorne-District residents, we respectfully ask for you to please, vote for Konick for Stonewall-Hawthorne representative to the Board of Supervisors on Nov. 2. 

George & Marlina Lee 



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