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This is Donald Trump's record:

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He has filed suit to destroy the Affordable Care Act, and has nothing to replace it with.

He has never had a plan to bring COVID under control, and still doesn't.

He has fanned the flames of hate and division instead of bringing Americans together into one strong nation.

He has shown nothing but contempt for the disabled, those wounded, killed or captured in battle, and other "losers."

He has used the office of the Presidency to enrich himself and his family.

His Washington "swamp" is now oozing with money-grubbing sycophants and special interests.

He has trashed environmental protections and is destroying public lands.

He denies climate change and has crippled our country's stellar scientific agencies.

He has trashed our nuclear arms treaties and brought us closer to nuclear war.

He has not weakened our "enemies," but he has brought international respect for the US down to an all-time low.

Indeed, to use Trump's own words from 2016, "they're laughing at us."

So without a record of achievement, Trump encourages fear and division, and throws name-calling and baseless smears at his opponents. When a politician goes negative like that, it means they have little positive to say. It means they are operating at a kindergarten level. Voters beware!

Ann Crittenden

Flint Hill


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