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You should. The winners of the Board of Supervisors races will make decisions that will fundamentally impact you and your business for at least the next four years — and likely much longer than that!

Christine Smith, the incumbent Supervisor for Piedmont District, has done an excellent job looking out for local businesses and creating a stable, positive environment for us to thrive. Our economic indicators have all improved since she was elected; local sales tax, meals and lodging taxes, all the measurable trends. She has done this without any tax increases for us for the last three years, and recently raised the lodging tax —  exclusively collected from visitors only — to help improve the county coffers. My own business is doing very well.

That’s why my ears perked up when I listened to the Candidate Forum from last Saturday. Cliff Miller says he will look to local businesses for “additional revenue” for the county. As a local business I say, “No, thank you!” We don’t need  additional business licensing fees, or equipment , vehicle, and inventory pockets. All those costly extra expenses, especially discouraging to new ventures, are a thing of the past, and they should stay there.

That’s just one of the many reasons I am voting to re-elect Christine Smith to continue to represent the Piedmont District on the Board of Supervisors. She understands the value of a hard-earned dollar and will respect yours. Vote on November 2nd for Christine Smith!


Roy L. Pullen Jr. and Karen Pullen

Pullen’s Mowing Inc.



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