Maya Gregorovich-Barsky and her beloved dog, Sable, at Rose Hill Veterinary Clinic.

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I have fallen victim in recent months to the impression that people in general are self-serving and uncaring. I am humbled to say that residents of the Washington/Sperryville area have proven this narrative false and renewed my faith in the goodness of people.

My 12-year-old dog, Sable, reacted to gunshots and bolted away from my mother’s yard on the morning of Saturday, May 29. She had been on the run for seven days and seven nights before I was alerted to her whereabouts and was able to bring her back safely this past Saturday afternoon. But that’s not really the whole story. 

During the seven days of her absence, we were overwhelmed by the sheer number of people who took up our cause as their own. From the dozens of calls we received to the incredible offers of help to remove all of the posters and flyers that went up in a flurry, we were amazed and humbled.

Thank you, especially, to Jason Baldwin of Rixeyville, Va. who found my Sable off of Rock Mills Road and took time out of his busy graduation day to alert me and give her some water and food. Without him, I’m not sure I ever would have seen my sweet girl again.

Thank you to Deputy Miller of the Rappahannock County Sheriff’s Office, who immediately called me after she heard that Sable had been located. Her quick alert was what allowed me to get to Sable without delay. 

Thank you also to Deputy Robbie Fincham for staying with Sable until I was able to get on site. Even though it seemed she was so overcome with exhaustion, hunger and fatigue to go anywhere, Deputy Fincham stayed with her and comforted her.

Lastly, thank you to Dr. Kevin Jones of Rose Hill Veterinary Clinic for taking us in without an appointment to get Sable all checked out after her seven-day adventure around Washington and Sperryville. Other than a few scrapes and bruises, and a whole lot of ticks and burs, she seems to be doing remarkably well. We are grateful for the incredible medical care she received.

It is thanks to these people, and the wonderful residents of Washington and Sperryville, that she is home, safe and sound. I will be forever grateful to everyone who helped us be reunited.

Thank you with all my heart.


Maya Grigorovich-Barsky

Falls Church, Va.


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