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I seldom write letters to the editor but the events surrounding Charlotte Wagner’s fiasco moved me to contribute some thoughts. To begin with, I do not know Charlotte, but she has an excellent reputation. She applied to open a dog training facility, though the way the regulations are written, it was called a kennel. It was very clear from her application that this was not a boarding facility nor a breeding facility.

To me, it seems no different than any horse training facility which is assumed to be allowable on any agriculture property. In fact, most dog training facilities are much more meticulous about waste control than the average equine facility and less waste is produced than on many properties where a pack of dogs live.

What disturbs me is the nastiness around the opposition. Have we become a county where anyone we don't like (who they are or what they are doing) is met with lawyering up and chasing the person away? The reason for public hearings is to give the citizens a place to voice their support or concerns. Then our elected officials make a decision based on the information gathered. In this case, the approval was given, which was not liked by a number of people, so a lawyer was called in to fight it. I do not blame Charlotte for backing out. Who would want to have a business or live next to such hatred?

We need businesses in this county, we need places to work, we need and want services. Farm stores are businesses that are allowed, horse training and boarding facilities are allowed. Cattle confined for winter feeding make 100 or a 1000 times the manure concentrated in a small area. What is the difference? Why the attitude? Charlotte is not the only person in the county met with opposition at every attempt to do something that can be beneficial, provide jobs, and help create a sense of community. 

I am saddened by the direction this county is taking. I have been here since 1992, and have seen a huge change. Much is good, but this is not. 

Joyce Harman

Flint Hill


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