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American is a "melting pot" of nationalities, but that doesn't mean just anyone can jump into our pot whenever they want to. It is, after all, our pot!

Bob Good, the Republican candidate from the 5th district, supports President Trump's immigration policies. We have over 320 miles of southern wall, the catch and release program has ended, and over 20,000 violent gang members have been removed from our country,

I'm here in the 5th district for an extended stay, but I come from Oregon where our governor and other liberals have made our state a haven for illegal immigrants. I can't tell you the problems caused by this! All I can say is you are truly blessed to be able to vote for a man like Bob Good who believes in the law of the land.

Like President Trump and Bob Good, I welcome immigrants into our country legally. However, we should have control over who comes into our country.

Missy Murphy 

Ruckersville, VA / Bend, OR


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