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To our dismay, the owner of 35 acres in our Woodward Road neighborhood has applied to change the zoning from five acre to two acre lots so he can build more houses. Virginia Department of Transportation estimates show 130 vehicle trips would occur from this proposed development on a daily basis. The thought of this additional traffic and other impacts is alarming.

Woodward Road is not built for more traffic. It is winding and scenic, partly gravel and only one lane in some places. It is what it was designed to be, a service road for farm trucks and residents, loved by bikers, hikers and walkers. The intersection of Woodward and Main Street (also overloaded) is chaotic. Structures around there, built in horse and buggy days, are mere feet from the road. The entrance from Estes Mill is even worse; and widening Woodward Road is not possible without significant negative impact on existing properties.

This application to rezone has created a lot of talk about affordable housing, but when you take a closer look there is no commitment to affordable housing. We hope the Board of Supervisors, who will decide this matter, is paying close attention.  

The purpose of zoning is to benefit community health, safety or general welfare. This application does not meet that test and should be denied.

Lesley Arnold, Robin Day, Sally Latham Haynes, Kathy Kidd, Bob Trafton

Woodward Road Property Owners, 



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