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An article in the Feb. 25 issue of the Rappahannock News detailed several of the problems surrounding distribution of Covid vaccines. Apart from the basic fact that supply was scarce and poorly managed going into 2021 and is just now reaching acceptable levels, a major problem has been getting information to people about how to register for their vaccine.  

Rappahannock Democrats addressed this by providing information about the Virginia government reservation sign-up site as soon as we became aware of it, at our monthly meeting and by email and social media. Some of our members also reached out to neighbors they knew did not have internet access offering to help them sign up.  

This helped folks get their place in line early. Many have now received their first shots, typically about 30 days after signing up. Some have already gotten their second shots and are able to see their children and grandchildren again without fear. 

The pandemic is a public health crisis and should not be a political issue. But the actions of certain Rappahannock Republicans — at the BOS meeting, for instance, with their bare faces hanging out as they piled into the courthouse — spread a very different and dangerous message. 

Even with the county infection rate spiking, they seem to be making a point of denying the seriousness of the virus and disparaging social distancing and the wearing of masks, which have proved to control the virus and lower mortality rates. Did the county’s Republicans do anything to get the word out about vaccine sign up? 

We are proud to see the newly elected Democratic leadership beginning to bring the pandemic under control for all Americans and take measures to help all who have been hurt financially get some economic relief.  

Mary-Sherman Willis

Chair of the Rappahannock Democratic Committee