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I have known David Konick for many years. I have been on the opposite side of litigation he brought against the NPEA (National Pentecostal Evangelistic Association) campground back in the early 80s. I testified in court to stop the zoning limitations that were being placed on this organization. But never did I witness Konick as your paper portrayed him in last week’s edition! It was a hit job plain and simple. And despite what your disclaimer says at the end, putting all this out just before the election was just disgraceful! You’ve tried to make your scheduling issues a liability to his campaign.

The headline was “Konick’s record includes deep experience in county affairs — and a checkered past,” but all you wrote about was the “checkered past” and nothing about all the positive things he has done for four or more decades of service to the community, fire departments, Lion’s Club, Masonic Lodge, and all the people he has helped who needed a lawyer but couldn’t afford one, and the civic associations and nonprofits to whom he gave free legal advice when they needed it.

I’ve lived full-time in the county since 1973. Konick has given liberally of his time and talents to preserve Rappahannock County’s rural agricultural setting which everyone I know appreciates. Never has anyone questioned David’s love and devotion to the county; even the litigation mentioned above was out of his deep passion and devotion to keep the county a simple, quiet place to call our amazing little piece of Heaven.

Although I cannot vote for Konick because I don’t live in his district, I can without any reservation say he will strengthen the integrity the Board of Supervisors by upholding Virginia’s open meeting laws, having a constant awareness with respect to individual rights of his constituents and balancing that with protecting the amazing character of our beautiful countryside.

A vote for Konick is a vote to keep us intact as the coveted place that I and my family have called home for generations and a place where the nearby metro areas love to come spend the day and go back to their homes and say what a beautiful place this is, asking themselves, “How did they keep it so beautiful and rural?”

Cathy Frazier


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