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Intelligence, integrity, foresight, reverence, humility, honesty, and diligence. These are the traits that the Citizens of Rappahannock County deserve in our public servants.

We deserve representatives on the Board of Supervisors who have a respect for the history of our beloved county, a reverence for the hard working, humble, honest fore bearers who worked so diligently to protect our idyllic county.

We deserve representatives who will listen to the cares and concerns of all of their constituents with open mindedness, compassion, and willingness to find viable solutions to our concerns. Representatives who speak with honesty, kindness, and respect, and tolerance, even when there is a disagreement.

Most importantly, we deserve representatives who will help Rappahannock maintain its strong and diverse community and rural landscape. We deserve representatives who actively seek intelligent solutions to the issues that are knocking at Rappahannock’s borders. People who are willing to work civilly together, with the single purpose of ensuring that Rappahannock's future will be as strong as its long history.

I believe that Van Carney, as a successful local business owner, farmer, active community volunteer, and the father and husband of a beautiful young family, embodies every trait that I am looking for in my Stonewall-Hawthorne representative.

Over the many years that I have known this young man, he has shown kindness and respect to all of the people of Rappahannock. He has shown that he is capable of making difficult decisions under pressure. He is dedicated to preserving a Rappahannock that has a strong sense of diverse community, maintaining our beautiful scenic landscape, while leading us forward in finding proactive ways to ensure that our “Rappahannock Way” is preserved for generations to come.

Rappahannock deserves a Representative with integrity, vision, and a reverence for our community. Rappahannock deserves Van Carney.

Kathy McNitt



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