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I would like to offer public thanks for two deputies in our Rappahannock Co. Sheriff’s Office who discovered the body of my elder daughter, Cynthia Price, on Dec. 29.

On that evening, my younger daughter and her husband contacted the sheriff’s office when it became apparent that Cynthia had not moved her car from beside a barn-apartment on my property in an unusually long time. We also needed to alert the sheriff’s office to the possibility that Cynthia had a gun and might fearfully seek to use her weapon if she felt threatened.

Two deputies arrived in good time and asked my son-in-law to let them handle the situation, assuring him that they would report back any findings. So my younger daughter, son-in-law, and I remained in the main house on the property, which is out of sight of the barn, while the deputies assessed the situation. They eventually opted for one of them to enter the premises through a window that they were able to open.

Later, one of the two who identified himself as Jason Bates, rang our doorbell and offered to enter (in uniform, wearing a mask) to speak to me. Being age 95, I have been living a quarantined life for many months. With me wearing a mask and Mr. Bates wearing one, however, I felt comfortable listening to his report within my home.

Mr. Bates was exemplary: sympathetic, kind, sensitive, professional, patient, and obviously willing to be helpful in any way. He even left his business card and encouraged us to call him if we had any follow-up questions. He explained that Cynthia appeared to have died of natural causes (later confirmed by an autopsy). We learned that the other deputy — the one we did not meet — had been the first one to bravely enter the premises, not knowing what he would encounter or find.

I was left with high regard for the conduct and responsiveness of these two deputies in particular and of the sheriff’s department in general. They enabled a horrible circumstance to be bearable.

Wilhelmina Price


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