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On behalf of the RappCats Board of Directors, volunteers and team members, and our rescue cats and kittens, warmest thanks for your generous support during Giving Tuesday. We appreciate it tremendously.  

RappCats has rescued and cared for more cats and kittens and spayed and neutered more cats in 2020 than in any year before. We have had a number of substantial veterinary bills that were essential to provide deserving, abandoned kitties with a new lease on life. Our shelter costs have risen significantly due to the pandemic and the increase in rescue kitties. COVID-19 has eliminated our critical in-person fundraisers.   

Without your kind and generous donations we couldn’t do what we do for needy cats and kittens and the community. Thank you! Contact rappcats@rappcats.org or 540-987-6050 for more information. 

Liz Johnson

RappCats 2020 Co-President

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