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All Rappahannock County Public Schools (educators, administrative staff, librarian, gym and music teachers, athletic coaches, bus drivers, cafeteria workers and support, school resource officers, sanitization crew and janitorial services, and so many more) have been playing the part of "First Responders" in our schools. 

In my opinion, they have gone above and beyond and are not only making a sacrifice with their own health by being in the classrooms with our children, they have created, from cradle to grave, an educational virtual world which is accessible for our children. Keeping them safe and at home. They have worked extra hours/days/nights/weekends implementing the changes as the Board of Education directs. They have gotten to be like part of our family. It is obvious that Rappahannock educators and school employees are committed to this community and it's children, and our safety.

Let this community show its appreciation and support. That could be something we change. At this point, changing policy and direction only creates double and sometimes triple the workload and additional requirements on an already overwhelmed situation. This is the reason many teachers are leaving other schools in other states. It's just too much.

And without our teachers what would any of us do? I can do many things, and with the help of my children's teachers I will be able to continue to play the educator until this epidemic is safer, but a "certified teacher” I am not! We need them. Let's ensure we have teachers for the next school year ... the same ones from this year. They have proven their commitment to our children and their education. A nice end of year bonus wouldn't hurt.

Stephanie Bryce


Editor’s note: The writer has one child each at the high school and elementary school.

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