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When clearing a path through briars and tangled vines last week, I paused a bit to think about the lengthy shut-in times we have been experiencing. Perhaps we can use this pause as suggested in the Robert Frost poem about how taking a fork in the road to a path less traveled led to unexpected benefits. Also remembered comments elsewhere about going where others had not and making a path for some to follow. 

I liked the statement by Wes Moore during the PATH Foundation A Community Conversation last week in which he stated that we, as Americans, should join together to address the concerns that face our society, the vast myriad, to provide answers that will benefit everyone and enable all to achieve the success according to his or her unique experiences and talents. 

As we near our country’s 4th of July celebrations, I hope we can take the time to think about how we can take our own differences and turn them into better paths. As the briars and tangled brambles in our new path forged here, there are challenges ahead. We, as Americans, have risen to many challenging occasions and I believe we can again. Happy 4th.

Sheila Gresinger


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