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It was a sad irony that I had to think about my own mortality while paying property taxes at Rappahannock County’s Treasurer Office December 2nd because none of the employees and visiting customers were wearing face coverings which is required by the State of Virginia during our deadly national pandemic (the CDC and State of Virginia have advised that plexiglass barriers are not enough given the airborne and lethal nature of COVID19 especially when a social distance of 6 feet cannot be maintained) ...

An uncovered county clerk and customer were actually joking together about the old adage of “death and taxes” while I was there. 

While I don’t mind fulfilling my civic and legal responsibility of paying taxes, I am much less keen on experiencing a premature death (I am 61 years young), especially when others’ careless behavior around me could cause it. 

While Rappahannock County is remote and sparsely populated, everyone (our government offices included) still needs to “wear the damn mask” (Maryland Governor Larry Hogan) to curb the spread of this dangerous virus.  

Finally, as a caring Industrial/Organizational Psychologist, I sincerely hope that none of the county employees are being shamed into not covering up by other employees or their supervisors.

(This writer contacted Rappahannock County’s Treasurer by email for comment on December 2nd and received no response).

Scott L. Nier


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