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Some thoughts on last week’s letter from Robert Russell: I believe that Russell's interpretation of the "Respect Rappahannock" sign is totally backwards. No matter how witty and creative the sign may be, the sentiment of the sign is outright intolerant.

Russell writes, "It is not a weakness on our part if we acknowledge with understanding and civility to someone's opposing views."  

The sign's closing line reflects nothing but intolerance. In other words, "you really should not have left there to come here, and you are invited to leave here and go back there at your earliest convenience. Many thanks..." To put another way, if you do not agree with the authors of the sign, you should get out of the county.

On a personal note, I do not agree with the overall message of the sign and resent the suggestion that, after living and working here for 46 years, I should get out of Dodge.

Henry R. Gorfein



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