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Reading about the discussions at the recent School Board meeting about whether to mask children or not makes you realize how hard the decision is. On the one hand it brings genuine anguish to consider sending children to school in masks that inhibit the socialization that is so much a part of their learning. Yet worrying about them getting very sick is also scary. 

As we speak, many children are hospitalized with COVID-19 in the U.S. So, even though infrequent in children, serious consequences are very real. The one thing that was not reported to be discussed at the meeting or in the article is the one thing that could significantly decrease the risk of infection for children, and all of us, and speed up safe maskless school days. That is for all the adults to be VACCINATED.

If we greatly reduce the reservoirs for the virus we speed up a return to normalcy.  It is heartbreaking to see so much misinformation and politicization to have hamstrung the one thing that could greatly reduce serious illness and death from this virus. 

As of this week, more than 4.2 billion vaccine shots have been administered worldwide. You would have thought we would have seen widespread serious adverse effects by now if they were a real concern. Stop listening to the folks who spread lies and misinformation about the vaccine. Listen to your doctor. Listen to your children's doctor. Get the shot. 

Casey Eitner



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