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I fail to see how the haystacks in support of President Trump are either baleful or obnoxious. They’re not harmful, nor do they express a hateful message. As I have suspected all along the root to all this turmoil over the Trump haystacks is simply that age old, green eyed monster, JEALOUSY! 

Or is it just the simple fact that Mr. Biden doesn’t have the type of supporters that are willing to put forth all the effort and hard work that goes into making one for their candidate? I’m almost sure you wouldn’t hear all of this complaining from Trump supporters if they did. As for honest politicians, Pat Curry, they are an extremely rare animal. So much so that their names should be added to the endangered species list. Along with many others I seriously doubt if Mr. Biden’ s name would appear on that list. 

As Phyllis Poore stated in her letter last week, let’s all be grateful that we live in this great country that gives us the right to believe as we choose. Let’s pray that it stays that way for the future generations. 

The only thing I would disagree with her on is that somehow President Trump was responsible for the toilet paper shortage. But then again it seems as though he’s been responsible for everything that’s gone wrong since the beginning of time. I can say for a fact that during his administration at least I have been able to afford to buy toilet paper!

Chuck Settle 

Massie’s Corner area

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